Small World

So I’ve been in Kansas for a few days, with assorted relatives (some of whom I haven’t seen in a decade) and today I borrowed my uncle’s car to take my grandmother to the Dollar Store….

We’re traversing the whole store at grandma-speed, when what do I see in the bookrack? A copy of Writers of the Future XXIV, with yours truly in it. So I show it to her, and she thinks I’m kidding that I’m in there, but I’m not, so she gets a copy…and now my Uncle’s going to read my story. (I sort of know he’s on the genre side already, seeing as there’s a Lord of the Rings pinball machine in his basement.)

I have a hard time telling my family about my successes, and I doubt any of them have ever gone out of their way to read my stuff — I’ve always been the one responsible for buying and mailing books out to assorted parents. (I must admit I mostly like this method, because it’s hard enough writing without thinking your mother’s going to care.) (And as I have noticed in the past that the people who pester you the most and that you tell to google you are the least likely to actually do so, now I tell people to google me with impunity.)

Anyhow…it was a very small piece of synchronicity, and a pleasant one at that. I fly out of here at 8 AM tomorrow, and it’s back to work tomorrow night. I actually get 4th of July off this year (wellllll, technically I’m working its morning, but the night is what counts) — here’s to hoping it’s slow at the burn ward — because I’ll be bummed if I miss something cool after working the 4th for two years now and not a single firework related burn šŸ˜› ;).

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