fanmail :D

So late last night got the following awesome piece of mail:

Hi. I just read “Cruciger” (and by “just” I mean I finished it probably ten minutes ago) and as soon as I finished I had to get online and search your name. I was hoping for a novel.

I’m naturally long-winded. I’m trying not to be. So I apologize if that makes me nonsensical.

I’ve entered Writers of the Future once before, and now I know why my story didn’t measure up. “Cruciger” is amazing. It’s been a long time since a short story made me cry, but this story did, more than once. It’s beautiful and tragic and still full of hope. You made me relate to octopi-aliens! And to Duxa, of course.

It’s something that I find difficult to find when reading science fiction—relating on so deep an emotional level. Oh, I love much sci-fi, but mainly for other reasons. There are a few that spark this same depth of raw emotion, but they are rare. (Most times, the emotion I feel is based on the loveliness of the ideas, rather than relation to characters.)

Not to say the ideas here weren’t lovely, because they were. The moral dilemma—the God dilemma. Magnificent.

I’m sorry—I’m still a little surprised that I’m actually messaging you all this.

Anyway, since I found that I had a way to tell you, I had to tell you how much I loved your story. It really makes me wish you had a novel I could buy. Takes longer for those to end, and that’s what I’m wishing for.

Thank you for this wonderful story!



How awesome is that? So awesome I want to frame it! Hee 😀

(I emailed them back to let them know they’d made my day/week/month! and to ask if I could reprint it here :D)

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