Chinvat Bridge pt 1 in audio —

Beam Me Up podcast requested permission to do an audio of Chinvat Bridge not long ago — I said yes, and here is part one!

I still get heebie jeebies anytime I hear anyone else reading my work. It’s one thing to know that people are out there, reading it, and get the occasional fan mail/facebook friend…but it’s so very strange to head someone reading it. You know it’s really your stuff, and not some comic book they’ve cleverly slipped between the pages. It’s unavoidable. I love it, and I’m scared of it, at the same time.

They did a good job. I’ll post the link to part two when it’s up :D.

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Beneath the Shadow of the Dragon

My story Beneath the Shadow of the Dragon is live at Intergalactic Medicine Show now!

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even more epicness and epicosity —

Hello neglected blog! Sorry for being gone, I’ve just been really crazily busy, and also holidays.

Today has been epic. I hate to be cryptic, yet I kinda sorta have to be, so, just trust me, today = most brilliant and awesome of days.

And adding to the overall radness — my friend San finished up one of the pieces of art I bought from him awhile back — take a look 😀

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Near the Flame review —

And another nice review! This time for “Near the Flame” in Issue 12 of Shimmer magazine — which you can buy here!

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best review ever —

So I did a rhyming poem about a plague doctor for Escape Artist’s Tricks or Treats exclusive they had this past month, for people who participated on their forums. (What can I say? I’m on a plague doctor kick.) The reading, by Graeme Dunlop, was epic. His narration made the poem 20 times cooler than I wrote it, for sure.

Somebody on the forums loved it and said it was “like Tales from the Crypt, as written by Dr. Seuss”.

And I think that’s my favorite review ever, so far :D.

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World Fantasy!

We’re delayed in Chicago (of course!) on our way back from Columbus, Ohio, where we spent the past three days at the World Fantasy Convention.

While not as epic as last year’s (Norcal for the win!) this WFC was still plenty full of awesome. Paul got to meet Gene Wolfe, I got to wear my creepy plague doctor mask for MK Hobson and Cat Valente’s book launch party, and I got to meet Scott Andrews, the awesome editor of Beneath Ceaseless Skies — not to mention all the incidental running into people (all of Codex! all of Clarion West!) and other hangage, both with and without alcoholic beverages. I had a reading that I turned into a “Erin Talks About Gross Work Things” chat, and plenty of friends attended :D.

I’m looking forward to getting home, and luckily I have two days off before I have to go into work again. I didn’t need to get re-engerized about writing this time around, I’ve felt pretty peppy for the past few months, but it was seriously good to hang out with other writing friends, and I’m already way looking forward to WFC 2011 in San Diego (SoCal — for when your con can’t be in Norcal! ;))

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Rocktober! :D

This month has been so great! Crazy busy, but crazy awesome :D.

My story “Cruciger” is up at Escape Pod AND my story “Near the Flame” is in issue 12 of Shimmer magazine!

And I’ll be at the World Fantasy Convention next weekend, to boot.

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Podcastle’s Tricks or Treats

Hey guys! I know I’ve been a slacker here (very busy, honest!) but I wanted to signal boost this in time for y’all to participate.

If you listen to Podcastle — and if you don’t, go start! — go to the forums, comment on a story, and then in the I <3 Escape Artists thread saying that you’ve done so. If you comment by October 8th —

You’ll get fabulous and exclusive new shorts by tons of sweet authors! (And also me, heh!) Seriously, cool people are in it — Tim Pratt, Greg van Eekhout, Rachel Swirsky, MK Hobson, Ann Leckie, Samantha Henderson, Mur Lafferty, Tina Connolly, Alasdair Stuart, Amal El-Mohtar, Erin Cashier (see? me!), Anna Schwind, David Steffen, and Dave Thompson. 😀

There’ll be a mix of fantasy, sf, Halloween themes, and I’m really excited about participating. So go comment before you run out of time!

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Sale! – Beneath the Shadow of the Dragon to IGMS

Yay! This story was my 24 hr story at Writers of the Future in 2008. After many many revisions since then, and the fabulous comments of Intergalactic Medicine Show’s editor — it’s sold! Print and audio, hooray! 😀

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Locus Review!

Whoa. Eighth Eye is a recommended read by Locus. Color me stunned! 😀

This is also a great time to note that the audio version of Eighth Eye is up, too!

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