Sale to Ennea!

My first international publication!

When i found out in early 09 that Ennea’s word count ranges had gone higher, I sent them Chinvat Bridge right away. (Ennea is a science fiction story section that’s printed weekly in a Greek language newspaper.) Hearing nothing for several months though, I assumed the worst, because they don’t send out rejections, only acceptances. So I sent Chinvat Bridge off to Abyss and Apex, where it sold (hoorays!) and I thought everything was finished until….

Last week Ennea emailed me asking for a bio before they ran my story! It’s been over a year since I sent it to them, heh!

I emailed Wendy and Kelly over at Abyss and Apex to make sure they were cool with things, and they are (thanks guys! :D) — so now I’ve made my first foreign language reprint sale!

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