Wedding and Wiscon (and points in between)

Our wedding was fantastic :D. I’ll share some pictures here when we get them back — but we both had a lot of fun, tons of people dressed up, and it all went by too fast :D. Now I get to be married to my best friend in the world, and the thrill of shouting “Wonder Twin Powers Activiate!” while putting our left hands out has not yet gone away.

A few days afterward I went to Vegas with girlfriends on a pre-planned girls trip for four days, then met up with Paul on the way to Niagara Falls, where our hotel room had an astounding view of the Falls. Then we drove over to Wiscon, and spent the rest of our honeymoon in lovely Madison Wisconsin with a few hundred of our closest friends ;). Travel delays kept us from getting home till today, but now the litter box is cleaned and the clothes are in the wash. A day of relaxing, a Prince of Persia matinee tomorrow, and then back to work on Friday night.

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