World Fantasy!

We’re delayed in Chicago (of course!) on our way back from Columbus, Ohio, where we spent the past three days at the World Fantasy Convention.

While not as epic as last year’s (Norcal for the win!) this WFC was still plenty full of awesome. Paul got to meet Gene Wolfe, I got to wear my creepy plague doctor mask for MK Hobson and Cat Valente’s book launch party, and I got to meet Scott Andrews, the awesome editor of Beneath Ceaseless Skies — not to mention all the incidental running into people (all of Codex! all of Clarion West!) and other hangage, both with and without alcoholic beverages. I had a reading that I turned into a “Erin Talks About Gross Work Things” chat, and plenty of friends attended :D.

I’m looking forward to getting home, and luckily I have two days off before I have to go into work again. I didn’t need to get re-engerized about writing this time around, I’ve felt pretty peppy for the past few months, but it was seriously good to hang out with other writing friends, and I’m already way looking forward to WFC 2011 in San Diego (SoCal — for when your con can’t be in Norcal! ;))

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